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  • Bunty
    Yes I do. I used to trade my Dandy for The Bunty with a girl from my class in school, and came to love it. Of course I remember the Four Marys and Lorna Drake, both storylines of which were quite iconic. But over the four or so years I read Bunty every week my absolute favourite was a story called The Hiking Hendersons about two sisters - Heather & Isobel Henderson who ran away from their cruel aunt to rejoin their widowed father working up in Scotland. This required them to hitch-hike a distance of over 500 miles, during which time they had many adventures, scary experiences and met many dangers. I guess the story ran for about a year or so, and, looking back, I think Heather Henderson was my first 'crush' - a brave, resourceful, vivacious and kind girl who also had to look after her younger sister who was very naive and rather reckless by comparison. Oh the bittersweet recollections of those innocent years when I would count off the days until I could next exchange comics with my classmate and catch up on the latest adventures in Bunty-land. I hasten to add I was aroun

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