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  • Worzel Gummidge
    Horrific. That's all I can say.
  • Metal Mickey
    I remember watching this a bit as a kid, and loving it. Don't know why.
  • Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
    Brilliant. I got this for £3 from tesco the other week for another watch, and it's a timeless classic. Steve Martin as 'Ruprech' is just brilliant. Funny from back when movies didn't need to gross you out to be funny.
  • Sticklebricks
    I liked making faces sticking the little round ones on the long green ones. Completely useless really.
  • Electric Super Cup Football
    I remember this, I got it the same Christmas the kid next door got Castle Greyskull. I loved it. The balls got lost easily though.
  • Big Yellow Teapot
    I'm a guy and had one. It was possibly the best, and campest toy I ever owned.

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