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  • Zip The Monkey
    I had Zip as a child, my mom gave him to me when I was about 1 yr old. When I was 5 he got left outside, it rained that night. Zip didn't make it. As hard as my mom tried, he molded, so we had a funeral for him and buried him in the back yard. I was devastated. So traumatized I still cry. My husband and I went to an antique store near our home one day several years ago and as I was walking up the sidewalk I spotted him. ZIP! They had him sitting in a display by the front door. I grabbed him and hugged him and cried my eyes out, so happy. The owner said "he belongs to you, please take him home. Never has a customer made me so happy." Refused to take a dime for him. He's naked, so I'm trying to find his original outfit, no luck yet. I bought Zippy, the white female so Zip has a partner. Love my Zip.

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