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  • Space Hoppers
    Space hopper means High Wycombe 1968 to me. If you have read Aqua Manda comments, High Wycombe was my youth. In 1968 my landlady E´s children Nicola and Ian had an orange space hopper, I think it had a face but no number.I bounced around the living room on it. I didn´t try it outside. I was 18 and they were about 8 and 10.
  • Aqua Manda
    Aqua Manda is High Wycombe 1970 to me. I used to use it all the time, the lovely brown bottle, the slightly oily consistency of the lovely orangey smelling fragrance. It takes me back there in a trice, if I think of the smell.
  • Old Spice
    I disagree - Old Spice was the after shave of young men in 1960´s Keith Jefferson wore it in 1965 and I will never smell it without thinking of Keith.

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