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  • Catweazle
    Loved the series-I once jokingly told my usually very wel groomed wife (who hasn't seen the series) she looked like Catweazle when she had a bad hair day...She didn't make too much of it until I showed her the DVD cover...I won't use that expression again,believe me.
  • Arthur of the Britons
    Fantastic series-I can still remember seeing and loving it when I was staying with my grandma when my mom had to work...
  • Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle
    Loved this toy,had it for many years-the original bike,the chopper AND the sparkling racer- and just recently gave them away to a "toys for needy children" drive...I hope old Evel gives some kid as much fun as he has given me!
  • Crash Cars
    I had them too, but here in Belgium they were sold under "Crazy Racers"!
  • Action Man
    I remember "Atomic man" too, the company also brought out a weird superhero type sidekick for Action man called "Bulletman" and a gorilla like neanderthal adversary called "The Intruder".I had about 10 Action men and almost all the gear...I wish I was 12 again.I must add I really hate the "new" Action man they sell nowadays.
  • Thriller
    I was about 12 when this aired in Belgium, and I blame this series for my later addiction to thrillers and horror movies!
  • Wizzzer
    Had a barrel full of them-loved them too, but my mother was always afraid they'd scratch the wooden floors of our house,lol!!!

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