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  • Tressy Doll
    HI Choochie, No they are not cheap i just sold mine with a few clothes & it went for about £27.00
  • Chatter Chimp
    Hi Huggie, Can you tell me how much you paid for your chatter chimp & how much you saw the other for on ebay as i have never seen one on there?
  • Tressy Doll
    Hey lol i still have a Tressie doll in dads loft i'll be dusting everything off soon.
  • Pippa Dolls
    I have the doll too up in dads loft lol. Ebay sell pippa dolls so you may find a price on there :-)
  • Jenny My Best School Friend Doll
    I still have an original one lol & i'm in my 40's lol
  • Baby Alive
    Lol hey i still have an original baby alive, it's in dads loft but along with a lot of other toys it will be making an appearence soon as we clear out the loft. It was from about 1973/74 i know its ok as i kept most of my toys nice only other jealous kids sometimes spoilt things of mine lol. i will more than likely be selling it. I'm not quite sure if i still have the original bowl etc.
  • Marathon Bar
    Yes me too it will always be a marathon bar even if it is much smaller than what it used to be. I could never understand why they called it the S word. Someone told me it was because it was known as the S word in other countrys. I have to say i went to many other countrys at the time & i never saw it called anything else than Marathon. :-)

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