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  • You and Me
    You and me with the two puppets Cosmo and Dibbs was always one of my favourite programmes when I was little! I have always thought that the theme tune that is sung by UB40 is very good as are UB40. I like Cosmo and Dibbs and I always think that many of the clips that they had in it were interesting! There are some episodes of You and Me on You Tube that I have found and I sometimes watch them. The one that Katy says that she was in is on You Tube and I have watched it. Also in the very same edition there is a bit where there is a man who is deaf comes to the market stall to see Cosmo and Dibbs and he is doing sign language. Well last weekend I was on holiday in Bexhill in East Sussex and something very mysterious happened one morning when I was in a shop there buying some postcards. There was a man standing by where the cards were and it looked as though he was deaf and he was doing sign language. He looked just like this deaf man in You and Me but as it was from all that time ago he would have aged since then. However I do wonder if it could have been him and another reason why I think that it might have been is that to my knowledge many of the clips on You and Me were filmed in the Sussex and Kent area!

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