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  • Adidas Corsica/Palermo/Tenerife/Sardinia
    Adidas Kick were my first pair of Adidas, I’ve worn Adidas ever since, just wish I’d looked after them and still had some of the original as you can make a pretty penny for them now. Even though Adidas Originals are remaking a lot of the old style shoes, they may not have the same name. Especially if named after a City or Country. Back in the 80s they basically did what they wanted and nobody done anything, now though they can’t get the license to name a lot of them due to copyright and will be sued for millions if they do.
  • Naf Naf
    The biggest problem with NAF NAF was the sheer volume of fakes around, you could find them on every market selling them openly. I loved Chevignon which is still around I think but most of all I loved Chipie. Not sure they still do menswear but you can get the women and kids easy enough