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  • Prisoner: (Cell Block H)
    Oh my God!! What a brilliant programme, I watched it faithfully. Mum used to ask if I was in my bed and i'd shout "Yes" then dive down the end of the bed to put the volume down when the big bars came across for the adverts lol. Loads of actors started out there, Cheryl from Neighbours, Harold Bishop aka Ian Smith wrote episodes and was also played a guy high up in the Prison Service, Vinegar Tits played Alfs angelic sister Celia in Home & Away, Meg Morris was in Neighbours, Reb Kean was Lynn Scully in Neighbours too, the Governer of the mens prison is none other than Alf Stewart, too many to mention. Loved it, loved it, loved it!!!
  • Puddle Lane
    mmm, know that I watched it and I had some mad frieze thing on it but can't remember that much about it. They should bring all these shows back so that we can watch them and see how sad we all were ha ha

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