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  • Blue Stratos
    Oh wow yeah, all the guys wore this in the early 70's ~ fab smell in those days, I have no idea what it smells like now, cannot remember for the life of me...
  • Tweed
    Wow, just looking at the bottles of Tweed and the boxes and it all floods back!.. my mum used to wear Tweed or Cote L'amonte (sp?)with a little spatular kind of thing going on...ha
  • Charlie Perfume
    LOL I was a Charlie Red girl myself ;0)
  • Austin Allegros
    LOL @ comment about square steering wheel. In the mid 80's my mate had one and we used to go to different pubs in her car... we must've only been 17 and boy we had some fun... it certainly got us around.
  • Mint Cracknel
    Yes I believe they should definately bring this back, i wonder if the powers that be read this site and get some ideas of what to bring out again. I loved Mint Cracknell, I'm so pleased others remember it too, as i just get blank looks when i mention it. There were two pieces in one bar.. loved it! And yes, Milk Tray in a bar with the lime barrel!!!! whatever happened to the lime fave..
  • Chipmunk OXO Crisps
    I used to love these. My friends family owned a Wholesale Warehouse supplying foodstuffs to shops and we each got a promotional cuddly Chipmunk from the crisp sales person. I still have him today.

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