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  • Nik Kershaw
    Blimey! That brings it all back. I oft retell newly acquirred younger acquaintances of my own brush with Nik and fame. I working alongside Nick (as he was in the office) at the Ipswich Unemployment Office, Grimwade Street, Ipswich. And I went to an early HOGG concert in the nearby sports hall of the Ipswich Civic College. And bought (or was bribed to take?) HOGG's first (I reckon) tape cassette recording. Still got it - it has been stashed from that day to this in my safety deposit box. Then not so long after that Nick said to me "Dave, I'm gonna quit the job to pursue my music career. Would you like to become my roadie?". My eyes glazed over with thoughts of reflected fame, fortune and fun on the road with the female groupies, and was about to say "Yes!", when Nick quietly added "But I can't pay you". Oh dear, you can guess where this is going, I said "No" and stayed at the Dole Office. What a mistake. Anyway, I really must find the key to that safety deposit box! David Whyman. AND, Nick, I have following your passage through life now-and-again, and have always wished you well - as I do now. And if you need a copy of that old green cassette tape.... David Whyman (whyman_d@hotmail.com).

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