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  • Rover SD1
    Oh yeah, And I towed 3 bikes on a trailer to Ireland then broke down on the M4 in Wales at night when the alternator blew. I had NO breakdown cover at all! My brother had to borrow a friends truck and trailer to get me and my trailer home. I sold the engine to a friend for his jacked-up Hi-lux monster truck! Kids these days don't know they're born!!
  • Rover SD1
    Best thing was the v8-the rest was rubbish really. Styled on the Ferrari Daytona! I bought one from a friend for £50.! It was 'mustard'yellow! We hand painted it matte black with a dead chicken of a paintbrush after repairing the holes with badly mixed filler which never set so it stank! We also picked out some parts in red for effect. I put bigger tyres on the back from a jag and smoked around like a Mad Max extra. It leaked every possible fluid and some not so possible! I was constantly being stopped by the police, no idea why! Once was when I was parked with two wheels on the pavement outside Tower Records, Picadilly! ;-)
  • Freestyle skating
    It was originally 'Sidewalk Surfing' and one of the greatest innovative exponents was Tony Alva-Tony Hawke wasn't even BORN when we were gravel rashin'! Watch Dogtown&Z-Boys for the complete history. Then pass the knowledge on to keep the underground flag flyin.
  • BMX bikes
    1984? NO WAY! That was fashion victim time! The only REAL BMX mentioned above was the PK Ripper. Harrow Freestyler was the daddy too. No one has mentioned the Grifter either. BMX came out of California and was born in the skate-parks. Stripped down home made track bikes used for vert ramp action. We were doing the same thing here but lacked the resources. Took a few years for the good kit to cross the pond. By the time ET showed EVERYONE on a BMX looking bike the market was flooded with crappy heavy copies. Just like "mountain bikes" now. Skate boarding is the same. Kids Think Tony Hawke is some innovator but he's a new kid on the block. The true pioneer was Tony Alva-first frontside air for a start.'70's ROCKED!

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