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  • United Biscuits
    Yeh, they had honeycomb bits in the top part and biscuit on the bottom. Blue and white striped wrapper on the milk choc bars and red and white on the dark choc bars. Do you remember the advert " we are delighted to eat united"? I love all this nostalgia!
  • Lovelies
    I remember these, I think you were meant to defrost them and eat them and they were gorgeous!Im sure they came in milk and dark choc.I used to take them out the freezer and try and prize them out the brown pot and eat them like that! not as nice but I was impatient!
  • Horror Bags (Smith's Snacks)
    Was just gonna say about batburger flavour in grey packets. I dont recall pickled onion either-bones def salt n vinegar! Lush!!
  • Rancheros
    Does anyone remember horror bags? Salt&vinegar bones in black packet, a bit like small nik-naks and Fangs; bacon flavour I think and batburger flavour in a grey packet? Also skydivers? Got talking bout these when discussing rancheros!

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