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  • Early Cellular Phones
    In those days, for 'mobile phone', read 'field radio'.
  • Compact Discs
    I remember reading accounts of how you could smear them with jam and drill holes in them, and they'd still play perfectly! Only later did I realise that simlpy looking at them in the wrong way would cause them to stick and skip. Far less durable than vinyl I'd say, as long as you look after the latter properly, that is.
  • Action Man
    I remember branching out with the Space Ranger series. The original all-in-one rubber suits were a bleeder to get on, the later cloth ones with over-sized plastic gauntlets were a lot better. Captain Zargon (a kind of undead Darth Vader) and his Zargonite lackeys completed the ensemble.
  • E.T. Biscuits
    I actually liked the cola flavour! They may not have been around for that long but I can certainly remember making the most of them while they were. I could just go a packet now!
  • Six Million Dollar Man
    I had the space rocket that doubled as an operating table, which was a bit macabre. The rocket was basically a sarcophagus that was hardly bigger than Steve himself. How he managed a trip into space in such confinement without going insane was beyond me even back then.
  • Etch-a-Sketch
    Ideal if you wanted to create abstract square or rectangular shapes. Not much use for anything else. Clever piece of gear though, I suppose.

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