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  • Monopoly
    Love this game! I'm a traditionalist so I always like to play with original tokens such as boot, iron and thimble available and it has to be the London version. The idea of being able to snap up Mayfair and Park Lane, and then being able to build hotels on them, is just too irresistible! Wouldn't give you a thank for the later variations and would only buy a traditional version for any child relatives (if they show any interest, that is).
  • Stratego
    Yes, I remember this game. Great! You had 1 spy, who could be beaten by any of the other pieces but was, however, the only piece that could take the Field Marshal - if the spy attacked first. 6 bombs, which could be defused by 5 miners i.e. 1 fewer miners. The aim of the game was to take the opponent's flag - which was invariably surrounded by bombs. I liked the fact that the colour scheme and design of the uniforms seemed to date back to the Napoleonic War i.e. red pieces v. blue pieces and the generals and field marshals had bicorne hats and all the officers seemed to have epaulettes. I imagined that I was recreating the Battle of Waterloo and always wanted to be (British) red against (French) blue!
  • Parma Violets
    Yes, I remember Parma Violets. I think that I was seen as weird (doubly so, for being male and liking them) as everyone else preferred the Swizzels multi-coloured sweets! The first time I tried a Parma Violet, I wasn't sure I liked it as it had a strange scented taste that I just hadn't been expecting. But then I grew to like this about them and was hooked from that point on. Of course, you can get Giant Parma Violet sweets now. Wonderful! I've always liked violet as a flavour, and remember preferring violet creams to rose creams (invariably, either my mum or gran would end up getting some of both at Christmas). I recently tried an organic, violet-flavoured gin. As the vendor, it tastes just like Parma Violets - and she was right!

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