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  • Cadbury's Dairy Milk Miniatures Dispenser
    Think you placed 2p in to get the chocolate - think mine got filled up once and that was it.
  • Castaway Wine Cooler
    I loved Castaway as did all my friends. Tasted like alcoholic Lilt if you could liken it to anything, we used to mix it with Diamond White and everyone called it a Blastaway. I think it was made by a company based in Scotland. Wish they would bring it back.
  • Pippa Dolls
    My friend and I used to play with these dolls for hours, I remember Pippa and Britt but can't remember the other names. I had their house, which was little more than cardboard but I loved it all the same.
  • Clackers
    I too still have my original ones from the 70's, they are red and on the same string, makes me a little nervous to use them as the string is so old. I recall the numerous times they used to hit your wrist, get them in a rythum then go for it!
  • Shaker Maker
    I couldn't wait for the mould to set, it used to be pink and wobbled, then gradully dried to a white colour for painting, but that smell was so distinctive!
  • Ghost Castle
    My friend owned this game, I can't remember much about it now, but I always wanted to go to her house to play it.
  • Totopoly
    We loved this game in our family, though we could never wait to get to the race side of the board. We always knew which horses we wanted to buy, black ones went on more spaces than red then yellow moved the least I think. You could be going really well and then .... a burst blood vessel right at the end and your horse would be out. We probably loved it because we too could always place a bet on the Grand National at an early age.

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