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  • Appeal Orange Juice
    This was the best! Up there with Tree Top orange squash with the cone shapped lid.
  • Alpine Soft Drinks
    OMG! Had this in London. Not sure if it was Alpine as we just called it the fizzy drink van. Had crates of it in our hallway and the clanging of the bottles being put on and taken off the van. Pineapple was my favourite.
  • Spangles
    Sure do. My fav was the cola. Used to make my nose fizz if I burped after eating one. Don't remember the other flavours though.
  • Spangles
    Remember these like yesterday. Cola was my favourite. They did rip your mou
  • Percy Ingle
    Yes sure do. Best Jam donuts and jam puffs that I ate at lunchtime at secondary school. Dad used to buy a Danish ring every Sunday morning. Best ever! Shame they closed but think the company wanted to fold as it didn't make any effort to compete with Greggs.
  • Coconut Tobacco
    Hi. I think what you are referring to was called Old Ship! It was my favourite. If you remember this you might also remember Merry Maids and Spangles, cola flavoured sweets that would make your nose fizz if you burped after eating one. Jubbly Bubbly, the chocolate cigarette as mentioned and mix bags, 2p or 5p if you were lucky. Half penny sweets also and of course quarter sweets. Old Jamaica chocolate, which is why I remember Old Ship coconut tobacco. Every time I see someone with roll ups I think of it. You might also remember going to the off licence with your parents and the sweets being put in brown paper bags and any bottles of drink being wrapped in fine white tissue paper. Tobacco can be bought as a quarter in old fashioned sweet shops, but not the same without the pouch!