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  • Tracy's tea party doll
    Sooo glad someone else remembers Tracy Tea Party, she had a lovely smiley face and I seem to recall as she poured the 'tea' she closed her eyes and bowed her head at her 'guest'. I thought she was brill to be able to do all that!!
  • Rag and Bone Man
    In the late 60's when I was about 2 or 3 the 'bone man' as I called him used to scare the living daylights out of me. I could hear him shouting 'rags' several streets away and I became quite hysterical so mum had to turn the radio up so I couldn't hear him!!
  • White stilettos
    Think the worst look was when you saw someone wearing black tights with white stilettos a real fashion no no!!
  • Harrington Jackets
    OMG I remember wearing one of these with a fred perry top and levis jeans, thought I was really cool and hip during the mod/ska/rude craze circa 1979/80
  • Ladybird Books
    Hi Scouttie, you can find hundreds of ladybird books on ebay. I have quite a collection now all from there, Chez.
  • Birds Eye Crispy Cod Fries
    Oh yes I remember Birdseye rissoles and I loved em also does anyone remember Brunchies - egg n bacon wrapped in breadcrumbs, they were yummy too - want em back NOW!!!
  • Wimpy
    My very first burger experience when I was little was a Wimpy. I remember the lovely helping of fried onions and toasted bun. It was my weekly treat when in town with my mum and although I didn't eat a lot I always finished off my Wimpy!!!

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