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  • Commodore 64
    I won't bore you with my continuing history of the C64, but I will state that it all began in 1984 when my mom’s best friend let me tackle a paint program. I took a pig out of clip art, filled in the space with black paint, and added white specks. I called it Pig in Space and I could not stop talking about how cool it was to do something besides gaming (I was a avid Atari 2600 user). December 1984, a C64 could not be found so I ended up getting one in January. I made my first basic program – and called it “Trivia Space Game”… a trivia game made with a black background and a space ship for a title screen. One problem though. I didn’t have a way to save it!!! We drove to the nearest Toys R Us and I bought a datasette for $50 using my Christmas money. It was money well spent because I still have that first program burned on a CD now. Unlike the “terrible load times” people are talking about here, I didn’t have that problem with Turbotape, a utility found in Compute Gazette.

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