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  • Led Zeppelin
    The mighty Zep, the music they made has been the soundtrack for over 32 years of my life. The experience of seeing them live was something way beyond my expectations, and unforgettable. Robert Plant has a real charm up on the stage, he knows what he has... and he knows how to use it. John Paul Jones, always somewhat mysterious...very talented and adorable. Jimmy Page...sigh, I honestly don't think the man knows how much he has contributed to music, and how much he is loved by his fans. And, Bonzo...a fantastic drummer. Such a shame that he gave his life for the excess of the time/era. Looking ahead, the Zep charity reunion for Ahmet Ertegun in November 07 will be something that fans have only dreamed about for years, the chance to have the band on stage together once hear some of the greatest rock and roll music ever, with JPJ on keyboards and bass...Pagey on guitar, Plant on vocals and the mature and talented Jason on drums. Brilliant.

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