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  • Jim Carrey
    I'm surprised that there aren't full pages written about this guy. The man with the rubber face. He has a light speed wit much like Robin Williams. He is one of those comedians that other comedians dont want to follow...he is hilarious and his movies keep you focused. If you dont keep watching and paying attention your going to miss something. The man is nothing short of amazing and I am glad that he is so successful at what he does. He is one of those comedic actors that does something that will stick in your mind. Then one day while your sitting in a library or a restaurant you bust out laughing. Your friend says..."whats so funny" and you say...oh nothing...just something I remember that Jim Carrey did in a picture I saw once" Acting and comedy are about as tough as it gets and he is one of the best!
  • Val Kilmer
    I was impressed with his performance in Wyatt Earp. He played Doc Holiday and his portrayal of a southern gentleman fast gun was compelling. This guy is an amazing actor and I am surprised that we dont see more of this guy in starring roles.
  • John Travolta
    John Travolta came into my consciousneos as Vinnie Babarino in the TV series welcome back Kotter. A cool slick black haired itallian motorcycle type bad boy. Not to bright but had a funny way about him that made him stand out in Kotter's class room. Later he exploded on the screen with the hit broadway musical Grease starring with Olivia Newton John...once again playing a greaser (slick haired motorcycle type tough guy). An amazing actor. I think John is highly underrated as a screen actor. And of course Saturday Night Fever was one of his most amazing roles. His portrayals of heavys (bad guys) are unbelievable....guy can scare you to death. His performance in "The taking of Pehlam 123 was fantastic. He puts everything into his performances. He is an outstanding actor and I never miss a picture he is performing in....he never disappoints his audiences. I would like to see him in more starring roles.
  • Joan Cusack
    I think Joan Cusack is an exceptionally gifted actor. And I have to disagree with Michael Johnson's article. I think she is extremely attractive and has nothing to do with her inability to get leading roles. I think maybe she would do better if she had better management perhaps. She needs to be offered the right role in the right movie...that's all it takes when you have talent like she has.