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  • Grizzly Adams
    Yes you're right; I think Grizzly had to scarper because of being falsely accused of some crime or other (I think he was loosely based on a real character/true story if memory serves me right)... I loved the show as a kid, it coincided with my grandparents getting a colour TV -and since we visited every second Saturday I got to see all that breathtaking scenery in colour (well half the time -lol!)... I think the show turned a lot of us on to caring about animals and the great outdoors - I loved the show, and the theme tune was one of the first songs I ever taught myself when I began learning the guitar... 'Deep inside the forest...' and all that -lol! Thanks everyone for the walk down memory lane (or in this case; up memory mountain :-) PS Didn't you just want a bear as a pet after seeing the show? Best wishes, Brett Huckfield

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