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  • Twister
    A brilliant alternative to this game is to have a drink or a shot every time someone managed to get their position right!! used to call it 'p**ster'!! Very amusing!
  • Spokey Dokeys
    These were great! The only problem I found with them was the fact that you could only ride your bike at around 3 mph in order to get the great noise from them as they went up and down the spokes!! Used to drive my mum mad when I rode it near her like it. Which I did quite frequently! Lovely child that I was!!!
  • Raleigh Grifter
    I was given a Grifter by a neighbour's Dad whose son had outgrown it. I'd outgrown my little girls bike and mum couldn't afford to get me a bigger one. I loved the Grifter because it felt like a motorbike to ride! Also love the way the tyres made a kind of 'revving' sound the more speed you did and when you slowed down, especially on the new tarmac they'd put on our road at the time!!
  • Perils of Penelope Pitstop
    I used to love this!! My cousin and I used to play this outside! She ws always Penelope and shouted 'Heeyyelp' while I chased her being the Hooded Claw shouting 'I'm gonna get you Penelope'!!! She was 8 and I was 4 at the time!!!
  • Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band
    Love this band!!!!
  • Aneka
    I absolutely love this song!!! Brings back great childhood memories for me.
  • Ghost Train
    I do remember 'Ghost Train' The presenters would wiggle their fingers at the camera while saying, 'OOH AAH' every time they said ghost train!! And the sheep in a shell suit was called 'Nobby the sheep' if I remember rightly!!

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