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  • Cadbury's Freddo Frog
    I loved these. My dad used to bring me one home each day after work. I used to be all over him when he got in, searching through his suit pockets for it. To this day every time I smell, let alone taste, Cadbury's milk chocolate I think of it.
  • Domino Rally
    I had a Domino Rally set and thought it was fantastic. I had a lot of patience so I guess I didn't mind all the set up time for a short pay off. What I also particularly remember was that the box was absolutely jam packed, it was really difficult to get everything back in there, which made a change to most things which rattled around in oversized flashy boxes.
  • Action Jacks
    They were a great cheap alternative to the M.A.C (Mobile Action Command) figures from Lesney/Matchbox. Here are a couple of links: Action Jacks: M.A.C:

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