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  • Alpine Soft Drinks
    Moved towards selling potatoes and other stuff whilst on the rounds and then started doing catalogue stuff too and I think that was the straw that broke the camels back, the pop deliveries were on the decline at the time and the plan was to introduce other products but it didn’t quite work out.
  • Alpine Soft Drinks
    Hi Clare, I remember you and your sister, when we were about 6-8 years old, your dad and mine (Les Burton) must have spent lots of time working together. We spent time with Brian Lucas and his family too. I will let my dad know about this forum he will be chuffed to read all of the comments. Regards, Adrian Burton.
  • Alpine Soft Drinks
    One name not in your list is Les Burton (my dad) but looking at your start date of ‘76 he was working in Cardiff, Swansea, Aberdare etc as a D evelopment Manager and we were living first in Ogmore be Sea then Bridgend. We spent time with Alun Jenkins and his family along with Brian Lucas and his family. Brian Pratt was another chap I remember.