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  • Caramac Digestive
    Two things. I think that Carawheat only had Caramac on one side, not all over. It was quite a thick coating though. Also, I can't quite remember what the biscuit was like. I don't remember it being like a digestive biscuit because they have quite a distinctive taste & colour. In my mind, it was more like a shortbread biscuit, though not quite as 'short' tasting. It was 50 years ago..'shock emoji'..
  • Burton's Potato Puffs
    These were SO nice they were addictive! Especially beef flavour ones after swimming. Got some good & bad news. YOU CAN STILL GET THEM! However, they are no longer the lovely ones made by Burtons. Off the top of my head I think they are made by a company called Windmill(?) BUT THEY DON'T TASTE ANYWHERE NEAR AS GOOD AS THE BURTON ONES. Such a shame. Get them in places like markets & pound shops now but be prepared...
  • Spanish Gold
    You're correct chrissy, don't think it does taste as good now (like most if not all retro eats). Used to pretend that it really was tobacco & don't think I realised that it was only coconut strips covered in brown sugar, at the time. I WAS only a kid!
  • Alphabet Candy
    I remember Woolworths selling the little square boxes. All the ones on sale today DO NOT TASTE AS GOOD. How I miss those now-banned 1970's colours & flavours. Never hid me any darm...
  • Merlin
    Yes DYR, I did get one for Christmas in the 70's! Didn't think much of it at first but when I got into it, really liked it. Either got ruined when it blew up or is in my loft somewhere, as well!
  • Root Beer
    Yep, I'm another one of those who couldn't stand the stuff - it was like drinking unpleasant medicine. Always have felt the same about Dr.Pepper too!
  • Caramac Digestive
    Greatly missed, the best versions of these were indeed Jan's 'Carawheats'. Woolworths sold them in the late 60's/early 70's when they sold 'loose' biscuits. They were so heavy you didn't get many to the pound! The later Breakaways covered in Caramac just didn't taste the same. Don't think they're anything like McVities 'Gold' bars either.

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