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  • Alexei Sayle's Stuff
    The best thing he ever did was retire.
  • Margaret Thatcher
    Left uni in '82 just as everything went tits up. The arrogance of this woman was unbelievable, what a evil bitch she was, at Cambridge she was known to be "hard to work along" (verbatim) glad she's dead.
  • Clackers
    The memory of nearly taking my figgin' eye out with a pair of these is priceless
  • Space Hoppers
    I had a ruppert bear one which was blue, went into a (concrete) lamp post and nearly ripped my friggin' leg off, but there again 'suppose that's half the fun. I got my own back by slashing it's face with my brothers Stanley knife, sodding thing couldn't be fixed after that. Everytime I pumped it up, it just gave a long farting noise and would slowly go down. I finished it off with a blow lamp.