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  • Flower Fairies
    Sindy, my favourite of all dolls; then Tressy 'Her Hair Grows' campaign on television epitomise my childhood.
  • Flower Fairies
    We love Flower Fairies, my daughter won a colouring competition and won over £50 worth of flower fairy regalia so she could add the new 'Flower Pixie' to her collection; she would then scatter each one across the front lawn, and over the rockery in our garden then took photos with her 'Le Clic' camera (for her birthday present no longer available) we played hide and seek and she hid the Flower Fairies everywhere possible. Such a joy, and very poignant.
  • Burton's Potato Puffs
    I only remember the plain ones but they were absolutely scrummy! Sadly they could only be bought in the school tuck shop nevertheless I wish they would come back - at Uni's perhaps?

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