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  • Haunted House
    I got this one Christmas! It's great to see the picture of the actual game. My version was called Haunted House.
  • Bullseye
    There was another classic episode in which the non darts player contestant was in a wheelchair. The pair did really well throughout but then gambled everything for the star prize. The darts player of the pair did miserably leaving his disabled partner to score over 60 with 3 darts. Really nervous, the guy went quickly and missed the board completely with his first dart. As if this wasn't bad enough, the guy who does the scoring and normally tells the contestant to take their time, actually admonished him saying, "Well you shouldn't have gone so quickly!" The second dart bearly hit the board but went into something like a 17; but the last dart miraculously hit the treble 20 and no one could believe that they'd won! There wasn't any great surprise with the star prize though. I think it was speedboat week rather than caravan week.
  • Bullseye
    Who remembers the classic show when the contestents won a massive amount in the questions-for-cash section (approx. £500 which, low as it might sound now, was unheard of on the show), *every* single prize on Bully's prize board including a surprisingly good top prize of a moped for the bullseye, before they got greedy and vainly gambled the lot for the star prize? I was shouting at the telly for them to walk away with the luggage set, the portable TV, the washing machine, the golf clubs, the teasmade, etc. plus £500 but no! They weren't satisfied. They wanted everything that wasn't bolted down regardless that the series would have to be cut short for lack of prizes in future weeks. So I was in hysterics when the idiots lost the lot.
  • Cyborg, Muton and Android
    Glad to learn that I hadn't imagined these toys. Among my Christmas presents one year in the 70s I got Muton with the Creature-from-the-Black-Lagoon-type outfit while my brother got Cyborg. The villainous Muton was supposedly the arch enemy of Cyborg (who was a 'goody'). I remember Cyborg's 'diamond edged' cutting tool arm accessory and his vehicle attachment into which his ankles fitted that was like a flying saucer with wheels. The packaging included some great information about each toy such as the fact that Cyborg had diamond infused skin. Sadly, in my excitement, I ripped the packaging to bits before I learned that a lot of Muton facts were on it! I also remember seeing a large shop window display with a diarama of an alien planet with the actions figures engaged in battle. Really loved my Muton.

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