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  • The Buggles
    Fantastic love those specs! Heard video killed the radio star on chris Evans show yesterday and cranked up the volume in the car, so good!
  • Adam Ant
    I remember hearing stand and deliver on topshop radio. Pestered me mam to buy it for me. That was on a Thursday and by the weekend I think it was number one! Still got the single in the loft, nothing to play it on though!
  • Rubik's Cube
    I was the first kid in junior school to have a Rubik cube, which was cool but I could only complete 2 sides! Think I might have peeled off and repositioned the stickers at one point
  • Ovaltine Chocolate Bars
    Wish I could still find these. I used to buy one at the riding stables tuck shop after my lesson every Saturday! So delicious.
  • Joe Bloggs
    Everybody wanted joe blogs stuff in the late eighties. Loved all the 'Madchester' stuff, great times!
  • Giorgio Beverly Hills
    So many people had this in 1986. The aroma was everywhere! So evocative of the era.
  • Pebble Mill At One
    Yes, I remember watching this when off school, cleo laine was usually on it singing. Presented by the wonderful marianne foster, now on radio Newcastle.

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