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  • Kryptonics
    I had an A series (square lip, no bearing support) set of 70mm blue Kryptonics on my 29" G&S Fibreflex slalom deck with original split axle Gullwing trucks (green rubber bushings and a special baseplate to stop the axle bolt breaking). At the same time, I also had a B series (rounded lip, inbuilt washer as the outside bearing support) set of 70mm red Kryptonics on my 10" x 30" Alva fishtail deck with Tracker trucks that I had added early urethane bushing to. Occasionally, I swapped out the Kryptonics for either the 65mm white YoYos that I had coned the back face with my dad's lathe or the yellow Alva wheels, depending on my plans for the day. On an icy canal tow path in January 1989, skating to work, the Alva slid into the deepest part of a lock and was never seen again, taking the Trackers and red Kryptonics with it. Also skated the Malibu Dogbowl and Hysen Green, Nottingham, along with the South Bank and Meanwhile 2, both in London, and the 18 foot bowl in Kettering Now I have a 10.5 x 30.5" fishtail Rip N Dip deck (closest shape to the Alva I could get) with 75mm red reissue Kryptonics on 7" Osprey RKP trucks with Venom angled risers, custom Venom bushings, Bones tailbone and rails and an 80s nose protector. I also have a 28" x 8" £20 cruiser setup that I have just added 60mm red reissue Kryptonics to. The 65mm reds arrive shortly. Yeah, I remember Kryptonics but I can also see them from here. Best memory? Grabbing hold of an old style London bus and having it take me at 20+mph through Holloway in London to get to my university lectures on time without paying. Only possible on 70mm reds.

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