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  • White Fire
    white fire was made by Grossmiths,I am sure wasnt it. loved it .
  • Avon Pretty Peach
    Bird of Paradise by avon came in a blue container and it smelt of make up,lipstick and powder and going to the cinema and pure midnight mum had this perfume on her dressing table and I dared to spray a little on myself. wow.
  • Avon Pretty Peach
    does any one remember Hawian ginger by Avon it was a cute and cheeky little scent.I loved it.
  • Avon Pretty Peach
    knowing body cream came in a white ceramic container. wow it was beautiful and over romanticaly chrasmatic,I know you can still buy it and its been around along time, a real treat when feeling frumpy.
  • 10CC
    10 cc fab muscians they had already been in other realms of the music industry before, thats why they were so brill.lead singer Eric Stewart was my idol in the sixties I had a crush on him. he sung groovy kind of love.
  • White Fire
  • Maxi Coat / Dress / Skirt
    I had a red midi coat and purple dress I thought I looked ace

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