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Texas blues-rockers ZZ Top are as much remembered for their beards as their music. In fact that's all I remember about them - huge beards! But apparently they wrote some music as well such as "La Grange".

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Do You Remember ZZ Top?

Do You Remember ZZ Top?

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    They started out in the late '60s- Billy Gibbons, Frank Beard and Dusty Hill. One of their first albums was 'Rio Grande Mud', which came out c.1970. They're best remembered for their '80s hits such as 'Gimme All Your Lovin' and 'Sharp Dressed Man', but I'd like to hear some of their earlier stuff than that. They had a bright crimson customised Model A Ford with chrome wheels and the band's 'ZZ' logo painted on the side, which featured in many of their videos and on album covers- Monogram model kits released a kit of it as well, I built one about 25 years ago. Some of their lyrics were pretty sexist, and they had a tendency to be associated with Redneck America, although in fact I think they were all surprisingly liberal in their views.