Youth Dew

Youth Dew was Estee Lauder at its most pungent ever! There was not a 70s nightclub/disco without the smell of this one in the ladies' loos!

Created in 1953, Youth Dew was designed by Estee Lauder as one of the first perfumes that women would go and buy for themselves, rather than wait for their men to buy them perfume. Cleverly, Estee Lauder marketed the scent as a bath oil that one should dab onto the body after bathing. And at a fraction of the price of other perfumes, Youth Dew became very popular, with no feelings of guilt after buying it for yourself.

The perfume itself smells of roses, lavender and jonquil, which makes for a heady, heavily floral scent. More of an evening perfume than a day one. Unfortunately, perfumes have progressed somewhat since the heady days of Youth Dew and it is only worn these days by the same ladies who've kept their blue eyeshadows and pearlised lipsticks from the same bygone era.

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Do You Remember Youth Dew?

Do You Remember Youth Dew?

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    we sell that at ethels!!!