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Young Shorty

Young Shorty was a series of books in the 80s for young children learning to read; the main character was John who had friends called Jim, Vicky and Karen; the first series was 'Shorty the Puppy' (even though John's puppy wasn't called Shorty; he was later named 'Boy').

There was also a tramp (even though he was a friendly tramp who really loved John's puppy) who sometimes fought with a crook who, like the tramp, was never named in any of the books.

John's parents were also characters never named in any of the books; Bert and Max were the only two crooks ever to be named in the books (rhyme not intended) and, worst of all, there was Mark Fox, the bully (even though Boy always outwitted him by either stealing or tearing his trousers).

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Do You Remember Young Shorty?

Do You Remember Young Shorty?