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Who can forget Yazz with her bleached blonde hair and catchy song "The Only Way is Up" which hit number one in the UK charts in 1988. But don't call Yazz a one-trick pony - real name Yasmin Evans had already done a turn as a catwalk model plus she actually had four UK top-10 hits in the 80s. The Only Way Is Up overshadowed the others though when it managed five weeks at the top spot, cementing its title as the second biggest selling single of the year. Her follow-up was entitled Stand Up For Your Love Rights and it reached a very respectable No2 in the charts, while her debut album entered the top 10.

She continued to have hits into 1989 and had her last Top 10 hit with the number 9 Fine Time. She went on to release an additional single during 1990 and another in 1992. Her last top 20 single was 1990's Treat Me Good, which made number 20 in the UK. Yazz continued to release singles throughout the 90s, including a cover version of The Jackson 5's Never Can Say Goodbye.

Now based in Spain, Yazz is an active member of the Christian church, something which is reflected in her modern-day music and 2008's album Running Back To You.

Think back to her 80s work though and there's no denying The Only Way Is Up was a staple school disco tune of the 80s, and one of Mum's faves for dancing round the kitchen to. You'd be lying if you said it didn't still make you feel like a dance.

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Do You Remember Yazz?

Do You Remember Yazz?

  • Anonymous user
    in the book you say the only way is up was a hit in 1983.. It was 1988 as said above x love the book though!
  • Anonymous user
    I remember that she tended to incline more towards retro-style '50s ballads in her later career. She also struggled with alcoholism for a while.