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X-Ray Spex

London based band with female lead singer called Poly Steryne were popular during 1976-1978 when the punk / new age was in full swing.

They were best known for their first classic punk single "Oh Bondage, Up Yours!" and the album "Germ free adolesents". At their time of popularity, the band were thought to be rebellious, fashionable and fun with the lead singer being very enthusiastic on stage. The band members all had outrageous stage names including Jak Airport and Lora Logic.

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Do You Remember X-Ray Spex?

Do You Remember X-Ray Spex?

  • Anonymous user
    Yeah, they were at the vanguard of the first Punk wave- lead singer was Poly Styrene, who sadly passed away in 2010 when only in her 50s. Laura Logic also played saxophone on a couple of The Stranglers albums.