World's Strongest Man

I used to watch this TV competition every Christmas as a child, and I still watch it now as an adult with my children! It's great family fun and has lasted for 30 years, so it must be good.

The 30 competitors are chosen based on their performances in national and international competitions, and this goes down to 10 men in the final. It's not to be confused with rival events, such as Strongman Super Series, as this is the only competition in which you can win the prestigious RV Trophy.

The competition comprises a range of different tests to gauge the mens' strength by, including: Loading Race - loading five objects weighing between 200-360lb on a truck bed. Atlas Stones - five rounds are placed on top of platforms, each time increasing in weight. The course is usually 16-33ft long. Truck Pull - a vehicle is pulled across a 100ft course by hand. Overhead Press - the heaviest possible load is pressed overhead. Fingal Fingers - progressively heavier loads are lifted from a horizontal position and flipped over. Power Stairs - three implements ranging from 400-600lb are lifted step by step to the top of a flight of stairs. Squat - Squatting weights like 900lb bricks, or a car for example. The heaviest is the winner. Dead Lift - lifting weights off the ground until knees lock to standing position. Hercules Hold - athlete stands between two hinged pillars, gripping handles to prevent pillars falling. Caber Toss - a five-metre long log is thrown over a bar. Plus plenty more...

Legends such as Magnus ver Magnusson, Bill Kazmaier and Jon Pall Sigmarsson have helped make The World's Strongest Man an annual event worth switching over for.

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Do You Remember World's Strongest Man?

Do You Remember World's Strongest Man?