Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken (1991)

I remember LOVING this film. Its been so long since i've seen it...

Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken is the story of Sonora Webster, a teenage runaway during the Depression. Her ambition is to travel to Atlantic City, where "all your dreams come true." After leaving home she accepts a job as s girl-and-horse high-diving act, but has to start out at the bottom as a stable hand. Her boss' son, Al, helps her in her quest by helping her tame a wild horse she's named Lightning. Marie, the diver, is injured one day in practice, which means... Sonora gets to take her place and becomes a real diving girl!

But she then has an accident in the dive that leaves her permanently blind. Al will not let her do the show and brings Marie back to take her place. Sonora does not want to sit on the sidelines anymore and takes matters into her own hands. Practicing all day to finally make it back up the ladder, she has Marie locked in her trailer while she makes the jump to prove to everyone and herself that she can do it and without the audience ever knowing that she is blind. Wow!

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Do You Remember Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken?

Do You Remember Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken?