Westworld (1973)

Classic cult sci-fi thriller released in 1973, starring Richard Benjamin, James Brolin and Yul Brynner.

In the near future, the Delos theme park provides the ultimate thrill for it's guests. Built in the Mojave Desert, it has three sections that accurately recreate life from different periods of history- Roman World, Medieval World, and Westworld. For $1,000 a day, wealthy guests get the chance to live out their fantasies as characters in ancient Rome, 14th Century Europe or an 1880s Wild West frontier town. Everything is exactly authentic, with the added touch that the three themed 'worlds' are peopled by highly lifelike humanoid robots, who interact with the human visitors.

Benjamin and Brolin play two rich lawyer friends from Chicago who book a week staying in Westworld. At first all goes well and they have a great time- but then things start to go horribly, terrifyingly wrong as the robots begin to malfunction. Guests are assaulted by them, female androids refuse sexual advances, and then a full-scale massacre of the visitors begins. Trapped in the underground control room, the technical team in charge realizes with horror that the much-abused machines actually have a level of conscious awareness, and are rebelling against the human masters who have ill-treated them for so long....

Yul Brynner stars as the Type 406 'Gunslinger' robot, in a satirical reprise of his role in the 'Magnificent Seven' movies. This film was the first ever to us Digital Image Processing. An inferior sequel, 'Futureworld', was released in '75, with a remake of the original now being planned.

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Do You Remember Westworld?

Do You Remember Westworld?

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    Never has Yul Brynner been so menacing!