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Manufactured by Gibson Games in 1952.

The game was based around English football teams on their way to winning the FA cup with a series of cards which represented each football club and were dealt out to each player at the begining of the game.

The clubs had to go through an elimination cup series, with money being earned for victories, which could be spent on tokens representing star players. The winner of each match determined by the roll of a die to represent goals scored, modified by the number of star players. Different dice with various number combinations were used to weight the chances such that a premier division team will usually beat a lower division team.

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Do You Remember Wembley?

Do You Remember Wembley?

  • Anonymous user
    Made in the days of the REAL Wembley Stadium- that thing with the coat-hanger arching over it isn't any Wembley I recognise, there was only one and that was the Twin Towers.