I used to love waterbombs when I was younger! But I’ve not seen one for ever! I think I’m quite happy about that, because water bombs are something for kids rather than adults. Kids make them, adults get covered in water. That’s the deal.

Really they were just balloons filled with water and then dropped so they burst, but you could get specially made water bombs – I’m not actually sure if they were any different from normal balloons – but I seem to remember them bursting by accident a lot less than the normal balloons.

The excitement (and fear) of having a water balloon in you hand – knowing you were going to throw it at someone (usually on a hot summers day, so it wouldn’t be a totally un pleasant experience for the person/ parent getting covered in water). And hoping that it didn’t just burst in you hand and cover you with water instead (which they usually did!)

Brilliant fun, but no-body seems to make them any more

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Do You Remember Waterbombs?

Do You Remember Waterbombs?