Water Wiggler

Are you still carrying scars from your Water Wiggler? I loved this evil toy - a long thin yellow plastic hose, u-shaped copper tube, crimped at the end, covered by an orange "cup/head" with a goofy face - hooked up to the hose, it made a cobra look like a shoelace.

Spraying water, shooting into the air, in all directions, it looked so fun and harmless - until you grabbed the hose, of course. Then it wrapped around your neck and beat you in the head. Or tied up your feet, knocked you down, and beat you in the head. Or chased the dog across the lawn, lassoed him, and beat him in the head. Awesome!

Totally unpredictable and unbelievably dangerous, this toy was not sold for long, but I miss it dreadfully, it was the most summer fun I ever had. Great to use alone or on poor unsuspecting friends, relatives, and especially grown-ups who thought-they-were-so-tough and ended up shrieking "HELP, for cryin' out loud, turn off the hose!"

Plus, I was getting really good at dodging the head-beatings. Sigh, memories... (I intend to build one, somehow. Anybody got the original head? It is the only thing I can't fake...)

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Do You Remember Water Wiggler?

Do You Remember Water Wiggler?

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    Lisa: hilarious. Is it wrong that I stumbled across your article seeking to buy a Water Wiggler today? Do they even make anything of the sort anymore? --Cooking in Colorado