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These guys has a single out called Shake Your Head - it was just fab and I would dance away to this if I heard it now. Luckily for us fans, Was (Not Was) are back, after a 15 year break! The band - David Weiss, Don Fergenson and a host of others at varying times - released their latest album, Boo!, in April 2008.

Hailing from Detroit - the birthplace of Motown and Iggy Pop - it's hardly surprising that the childhood friends duo have got staying power, since the release of their self-titled album in 1981. The band are known for their satirical R&B numbers, which have included I Feel Better Than James Brown and Walk The Dinosaur. And in their 15-year break from the band, they've worked with the likes of the B52s, Rolling Stones and Willie Nelson, producing tracks for them.

They seemed to peak in 1988, with the album What Up, Dog?. It featured special guests such as Frank Sinatra Jnr and Elvis Costello. Other tracks have used the vocals of Ozzy Osbourne. They went on to tour with Dire Straits in 1992. They continue to tour and produce music today.

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Do You Remember Was (Not Was)?

Do You Remember Was (Not Was)?