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Wagon Train

Wagon Train was a series about the early settlers on the Oregon Trail of the 1880'. The hour long drama followed the stories of those who travelled by Wagon Train from St. Joseph, Missouri to California and ran on NBC and ABC between 1957 and 1965. The series featured the likes of Ward Bond as Wagonmaster Major Seth Adams and Terry Wilson as assistant Wagonmaster Bill Hawks.

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Do You Remember Wagon Train?

Do You Remember Wagon Train?

  • pistolnights
    hi Lynne sounds like you arrived just in the nick of time pity you were too young then to realy enjoy the episode playing at the time but i think you have good taste in the selection of you're love's for t.v programes this was a very good series loved it myself Gord XX
  • Anonymous user
    hi, i was born on the 16th november at 8.30pm on the settee in the living room of our house in george street, ryde isle of wight at the start of an episode of 'wagon train' and have loved 'wagon train' ever since...Lynne xx