VW Beetle

The Beetle is perhaps the best-selling car of all-time. Truly, a recognizable shape that has stood the test of time.

The Volkswagen Beetle first came on the scene in 1947, but they were known by a different name. KdF, short for Kraft durch Freude meaning 'power by joy', was designated to these small, gas-friendly vehicles. In English, the name Beetle was used.

In 1960s Britain it was a very popular car and hundreds of Beetles were seen on British roads as people used the car for commuting, holidays and general motoring enjoyment. Overall, it must rank as one of the most popular car designs every conceived.

Unlike any other car of the period, the VW Beetle had a lot of unofficial sales help along the way which must have made a difference to its appeal and popularity. It was, and will be, forever associated as a hippie car complete with painted flowers and an unusual colour scheme.

And then of course, there was “Herbie”! Herbie was a white Beetle styled as a racing car, complete with a number, which I think was ’53′, and go-faster stripes.

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Do You Remember VW Beetle?

Do You Remember VW Beetle?

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    They were around long before '47- Hitler introduced them in 1938 as the 'People's Car' of the Third Reich, although production ended when war broke out and didn't resume until after the fall of the Nazi regime. There was a military version in production during the war though, the 'Kubelwagen' which was the German equivalent of the US Willys Jeep- also the 'Schwimwagen' which was the amphibious version, and used by the new West German Army after 1945. I had a friend in junior school who's family had an orange VW Beetle called Kate. We had the chance of buying a convertible version in '78, but ended up going for a Mini Clubman estate instead. Despite their cult status worldwide, they have on several occasions been rated as one of the world's worst cars!