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Valentine Dyall

Like other vocal masters like Brian Blessed, because of his deep, evil voice, Valentine Dyall had great success as a character and voice actor. Most notably, he voiced The Man In Black for the BBC Radio horror series, Appointment With Fear. Valentine Dyall would use his distinctive voice to set the scene of the story, then leave much of the rest upto your imagination. It would end with him saying, "And this is Valentine Dyall, The Man In Black, wishing you pleasant dreams". Deeply upsetting nightmares more like!

Dyall also made guest appearances in The Goon Show, The Haunting, and is well-known also for portraying the Black Guardian in Doctor Who. His final role, before he died, was in the TV adaptation of Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost.

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Do You Remember Valentine Dyall?

Do You Remember Valentine Dyall?