US deodorant

Marketed as a 'unisex' deodorant in the 70s (before the whole CKone explosion of unisex fragrances), the TV commercial for US deodorant showed a rock band on tour in the dressing room throwing the can of deodorant around and then performing a song about it, 'You're OK with US!'. It had a nicely designed can with a bright coloured ball top. I remember my mum buying it for me and I felt very grown up, even though I was just 14! The advert went:

Every day in every way you’re OK with Us Us goes everywhere we go — to help keep us dry The hotter we get the harder Us works Us — the deodorant for him, for her, for all of us Every day in every way you’re OK with Us! Day after day (you’re OK) night after night (you’re OK) You’re OK with U-u-u-s!

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Do You Remember US deodorant?

Do You Remember US deodorant?

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    i used to think this was sophisticated !!