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Up Against Time!

Up Against Time was another of those board games that had the power to send kids and adults alike into a spin. It was a game of speed, agility, nerve, and a fair few heart palpitations along the way.

A steel ball is set moving down a ramp towards the base, on which a tower of barrels must be built. Each barrel has a protruding shape on top and a different indented shape on the bottom, to allow some combinations of barrels to interlock with each other. Players must find the correct barrels as quickly as possible and stack as many as they can before the ball arrives. When they have completed as much of the tower as they are able to, they shut a gate to stop the ball from reaching the barrels. If they are too slow, the whole tower will fall over when hit by the ball. And the winner? The winner is the player who is able to build the highest tower without it being knocked down.

Just to make things a little trickier, players may use one hand only to stack the barrels. Points are awarded for barrels left standing after shutting the gate, and a game comprises three rounds.

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Do You Remember Up Against Time!?

Do You Remember Up Against Time!?