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Twisted Sister

This Memory is looking a little short on nostalgia! Have you got anything you could add?

I thought they were good. I had a limited edition album by them - Come Out And Play with the pop-up outer sleeve. I didn't realise they were meant to NOT be good. I obviously didn't have many friends.

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Do You Remember Twisted Sister?

Do You Remember Twisted Sister?

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    I remember listening to a live concert of theirs on Radio 1 just before New Year '82/'83, in which they dedicated their song 'Shoot 'Em Down' to all the British dead of the Falklands War. Considering that most of the Argentinian troops in that conflict were terrified teenage conscripts who were forced into battle by a brutal dictator, and were abandoned by their officers when the going got too nasty, I thought that was disgustin to say the least.